Consultations via Skype or at our Homeopathic Clinic

Please phone or email for appointments

Consultations are flexible to suit your needs

Before your Consultation Please fill in the pre-appointment questionnaire and bring it to your consultation.

Consultations Children and acute problems such as tummy bug need an initial assessment of one hour.

Adults and chronic conditions normally need a 2 hour assessment for an in -depth look at your condition from a medical and homeopathic view point.

Investigations If any of your problems need further investigation I would normally write to your GP or in some circumstances can arrange them myself.

Follow up After the initial assessment I will give you a remedy to start your healing process. I will be looking for the best remedy for you and we may need to add different remedies during the follow up period. For simple problems you may need just 1 follow up. If you have a chronic condition or find the consultations helpful to your progress then we can continue as needed. Some of my patients come for a follow up every 6 weeks, others just once a year for a booster to their health. After you have regained your health you can rest assured that your medical homeopathic records are kept and you can return for further advice at any time.







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