Homeopathy is the most sophisticated medical treatment available today. Often patients experience the first consultation as the first time in their life that they are really heard. We look in great depth at your experience of your problem and it is from this picture that we are able to select the most helpful remedy for you. It is this level of interest that differentiates it from more conventional medicine where you are asked about your problem until it fits into a box called a diagnosis and then you are treated the same as all the other people with that problem. In homeopathy you are listened to as an individual and treated as an individual. So a lot of the success starts in the process of hearing in this unique homeopathic way and then it’s up to the remedies to do the rest. The advantage of the remedies is that they don’t have toxic effects or side effects. They can be used alongside your conventional drugs. They work with your body’s own healing processes so are not fighting your body in any way. They can be used not only to get rid of illness but also to put you on the path to feeling well, an achievable goal.

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