"I felt so fab after seeing you last, not sure if you know how good you are but you are VERY good! It is the combo of traditional and complementary that is so powerful" Mrs S

"As for …… her key worker at nursery today literally said ''what have you done to her, she is so relaxed and full of joy''..........so if you ever need a quote for your marketing ;-))))" Ms M

"Having lived with severe headaches on an almost daily basis for more than six months, I was desperately keen to find a way of stopping them. Homeopathic remedies seemed to offer a positive option to try.  Six monthly meetings and various homeopathic medications later, the number of headaches and their intensity has reduced substantially.  I'm down to less than one headache a week and I still feel that I am improving and that this will continue for several months to come.  I have my life back!!  I am back to work and I can enjoy going out and enjoying life again.

Thank You" Mr H

"I have really benefited from your wisdom, intuition and time Claire
And how this has not only helped me feel better inside and out,
But also more balanced in my day to day life. Can't really thank
You enough and recommending you to all!" Mrs N







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